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March 1948 Mr.Shojiro Tominaga founded a non-ferrous metal sales business such as brass, copper and aluminum.
October 1952 Established Tominaga Metal Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd. (capital 2 million yen)
July 1964 Established Isesaki Factory.
September 1965 Relocated the head office to Shin-Ogawamachi, Shinjuku-ku, and changed the company name to Tominaga Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1965 March Koshigaya warehouse is newly built.
October 1985 Moved headquarters to the new headquarters building in Kanda Sakumacho and changed the company name to Tomisho Corporation.
September 1987 Established TS Co., Ltd. in Kanda Sakumacho, (capital: 150 million yen)
Oct. 1987 Changed the company name to Tomisho Corporation.
April 1990 Established Tommy Real Estate Co., Ltd. (capital 10 million yen).
August 1994 Tommy Real Estate Co., Ltd. changed company name to TS Co., Ltd. and received the business transfer of Tomisho's hard coating business.
April 2004 TS Co., Ltd. changed company name to Tomisho Corporation, then to the present.
October 2006 Established China / Guangzhou office.
June 2007 Established Tomisho Holdings Corporation as a holding company of Tomisho Corporation (capital of 30 million yen) , then to the present.
November 2007 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
December 2007 Obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
March 2010 Established a local subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand (Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate).
September 2012 Acquired KES / Environmental Management System Standard Step 2 certification.
July 2016 Established Tomisho Alumite Corporation (capital: 10 million yen) by splitting the Isesaki Branch.